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Rucker Knives



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Originally designed to be a Texas pig-stabbing knife, this blade and handle combination proved so effective it was used on three television shows.  The sub-hilt fighter design gave you an extra tang to ensure a grip that prevented the quarry from taking off with your blade.  The bloodline prohibited suction from forming during the withdrawal of the knife.  The handle is reconstituted rubber, guaranteeing a solid and sure grip no matter the conditions.  The design and construction allowed for the confidence to use this knife on a 400 lb. hog going all the way through the hide, gristle plate and sink 7 ½” of razor-sharp steel into the heart of the beast.

When Rucker stabbed the first hog with this knife and withdrew it, his only comment was, F@*%.    

Handle: Rubber

Steel: 1095

Overall Length: 12.75"

Blade Length: 8"

Thickness: .187"

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